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Traditional deluxe rooms are also largely spacious rooms with all the necessities required for comfort, luxury and excellent hospitality. From, tea at your each in Teal/Coffee Kettle Service to premium qualities sanitary and toiletries, Hotel Bhadgaon looks after all the needs with clear precision and youth like passion. Stocked with Mini Bar for a little bed side exchange of thoughts and views with clinks of midnight cheers, to home like feeling of 40-inch TV and well-equipped internet services all are designed to serve any need that might come into your way.

For best measures Hotel Bhadgaon rooms are fully ventilated for fresh air in the room including toilets inall of the rooms along side air conditioner for temperature of your choosing.

Highlights of our traditional deluxe rooms are:

  • 325 sq. feet spacious room
  • Well furnished study table
  • 2 comfortable meeting chairs and table
  • Tea/Coffee Kettle Service
  • Premium Toilet and Toiletries
  • Wheelchair friendly Rooms and Toilets
  • Mini Bar
  • 40” TV
  • High speed internet,
  • Air-conditioner
  • Fresh air room Ventilation system including toilets


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