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Things to do around Bhaktapur

Once you have landed in the Tribhuvan International Airport it is only 15 to 30 minutes ride to the city of Bhaktapur. Being one of the three major cities of Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur is indigenous to Newari community and hence the best thing you can do here in Bhaktapur is explore the Newari community.

1. Visiting Temples


Spanning tens of kilometers in area, Bhaktapur Durbar Square is reminiscence of the historical and religious values that our ancestor hold. It also reflects the political, socio-economic, religious values of the Newar community over that last 200 years and even more. Some of the heritage in the Bhaktapur Durbar Square are expected to be much older and with even more significance for values. Some of the major notices that you need to make sure to visit are as follows:

Fifty-five Window Palace

Built by King Ranjit Malla way back in 1700 AD, fifity five window palace is a piece of art. Once residence to kings and kingsmen, the palace is a delight for sculptural designs and wood cravings of Newari community. The details and intricacies in the windows are so handsomely done that if mirrors perfection.

Golden Gate

It is the entrance to the courtyard of 55-window palace. Due to its shiny golden color, the gate is named golden gate and the effort put into it by the then sculptors of metals and metals artists are so sophisticated and clinical that even now their replication is though to be most complicated.

Other Temples

Bhaktapur is full of temples and religious sites. To start with Nyatopola temple is especially designed temple built by King Bhupatindra Malla in 1702 AD in the name of Goddess Laxmi, Goddess of Wealth for the properity of Bhaktapur the then Bhadgaon. With almost 30 meters high and sitting with five levels of pinth, Nayatapola is the tallest temple in entire Kathmandu valley.
Similarly, Taleju temple, Dattratraya temple, Suryavinayak temple etc are other temples that can be visited by walking arounf the area of Hotel Bhadgaon along with lot of small temples and mandaps all around the city.
With a little hike or using vehicle, Changunarayan is another best place to go as it is one of the world’s historical site. Built by King Mandev it is one of the oldest constructs still standing tall and firm within the periphery of Bhaktapur.

2. Hikings

One of the other things that you can do pleasantly in Bhaktapur is hike around. Bhaktapur is located fairly in the center thus, enabling you to march in any direction and find at least one or tow historical or religious or natural sites to refresh your hike. You can hike to nagarkot for some sunrise sunset views, another hike can be towards Changu Narayan or towards hills like Pilot Baba or surya Vinayak mandir, or even to Kavre district further into the hilly regions..

3. Watch Jatras

One of the main attractions of Bhaktapur is many Jatras, it is said that in Bhaktapur there are more Jatras in a year than days in a year. Bisket Jatra, Machindra Jatra are some of the important Jatras that you would not want to miss out now if you are looking for some Jatra experience in Bhaktapur.

4. Try local foods and drinks and cultural programs

Bhaktapur never ceases to amaze you with variety in taste in its local cuisines from Yamori to Chyang. The delights keep on coming in form of food or liquor or both. One of the nation-wide famous delight is Ju Ju Dhau which in literal translation means King of Curds. Bhaktapur is best know for its Curd. So, its must be in your bucket list if you are visiting Bhaktapur.