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About Us

Harbinger of Nepali heritage, Bhaktapur is the landmark of Nepal’s cultural heritage and ethnic center of Newari community who are indigenous to the land. The rich history and culture well preserved to the delight of modern generation, we aim to provide excellent and pleasurable hospitality in the midst of such historical and cultural privilege.

Bhadgaon Hotel in its own name preserves the historic value as the city of Bhaktapur was previously called Bhadgaon hundreds of years ago. The name evolved but our aspiration towards the guests and heritage has remained constant. Hotel Bhadgaon promotes the local style of residence and mimics the cultural values in its own building. The decors and designs all in their own way, shape and form are part of the tradition of Bhadgaon and we pride to the utmost standard in having privilege to do so.

Established in the year 1993 AN by Mr. Nawal Raj Bhandari with a simple motto of “Nurturing the Culture of Care”. Hotel Bhadgaon standing upto the expectation of our cultural values, aims to serve its guest humbly and with growth shared by the generations through the lessons and challenges of time to make a difference in hospitality industry and influence entirety of Nepalese hospitality standard.

With more than three decades long experience and unflinching passion for hospitality, The Bhadgaon Company, started Hotel Bhadgaon. Since its establishment, Hotel Bhadgaon has fair share of hardship for growth but with it also came the privilege to serve national and international guests, hundreds of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities and members. We have shared our hospitality with excellence of diplomats and head of state level political and social and economic leaders. Our creativity towards unique service have served artists, documentary makers, film institutions, vloggers, bloggers from all around the world as a muse to their creativity to reflect our values in their films and blogs and canvasses, to share our passion and culture to the world.

We are truly committed in providing the said service of Nurturing the Culture of Care with blend of local heritage, local cuisines along with the luxury and aesthetic of that modern day hotels can offer. Let us an opportunity to serve you in our deluxe rooms, rooftop bars, balcony, pool side garden restaurant and bar and wellness centers.

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